Ashton & Paul | 1.3.2015 | Nouveau Antique Art Bar | Houston, TX

Ashton and Paul married on the third of January, 2015 at the Nouveau Antique Art Bar in Houston, TX. We were introduced to Ashton via the sweet couple pictured below, Sarah and Gilbert.  These two were one of the first weddings we shot professionally (and God bless them for still speaking to us) and we’ve stayed in touch since.  They celebrated their anniversary yesterday!

Ready-692Ashton and Paul arrived early in the day at the Magnolia Hotel to begin getting ready.  The morning was filled with family, and makeup, and food, and kids running around….but no stress.  Everyone enjoyed the moments leading up to the BIG moment.

Ready-88Ready-31Ready-117The wedding was very 1920’s vintage glam and Ashton held on to that theme from the venue down to her shoes, dress and hair and makeup.


The earrings were a sweet gift from the groom.  They went perfectly with her dress.

Ashton and Paul decided to do a “first look” being that we would only have about 10 minutes of daylight left following their ceremony.  When Jamie and I prepare for the “first look” we try to scout out the best location; somewhere that has good light but is still private with little distractions so the couple can really soak in the moment.  That location happened to be the grooms suite in this instance.

Ready-188Ready-209Ready-212Then it was time to begin portraits with the lovely couple.  We headed down to the lobby of the Magnolia Hotel and then outside to one of my favorite spots in Houston.

Ready-232Ready-246Ready-256Ready-275How much do you love these bridesmaid dresses?  And the hair?!

Ready-276Ready-289Ready-314If you have never been to the Nouveau Antique Art Bar you should totally check it out.  It is a really neat place with lots of local art and a really neat atmosphere.  The ceremony and reception were both inside of the bar. There is a small stage that is usually a lounge area during normal hours of operation and it worked out perfectly for the ceremony.

Ready-447Ready-499Ready-498You guys.  She popped her foot for the first kiss.  Adorable.

Immediately after the ceremony we rushed outside to shoot in the last ten minutes of light we had left.

Ready-523Ready-517Ready-539Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the dance floor Mr. & Mrs. Ready.



The band the couple hired was amazing! Miss Jubilee and The Humdingers came all the way from St. Louis. Do yourself a favor and check out this youtube video. Seriously, do it.

Ready-668Okay, so funny story.  The sister of our sweet couple pictured at the beginning of the post, is Rachel.  We have kept in touch with her as well.  She has two of the cutest kids ever…Noah and Ella….and guess what?!  Noah caught the garter and Ella caught the bouquet.

Ready-787Ready-792As the reception was drawing to a close, Ashton pulled me aside and asked me if we could go take a picture at a “special spot”.  She led me to a little couch on the stage where the ceremony was held and told me they had their first kiss on that very couch.  This was the moment that got me.  Tears.  It’s something different every wedding.  When I say I cry at every wedding we shoot, I’m not just saying that to tug at the heartstrings of a potential bride and groom.  I really DO cry at every wedding.  I can’t help it, I’m a romantic at heart.  Thanks a lot Jane Austin.

Ready-827The wedding really could not have been more perfect.  The whole day was surrounded by friends and family and everyone pitching in and working together to make it a really special day for this great couple.  It was exactly what a wedding should be.  A celebration of a new life that is beginning.

Ready-876Ashton and Paul, thank you for letting us capture your special day.  We really do consider it an honor being that you have an amazing photographer in the family….though he was a little busy walking you down the isle ;).  We wish you a million years filled with the joy you felt on your wedding day.

The Girls