BOGO Weddings! Say Whaaaaat?! Girls with Pearls Photography

Who doesn’t love a good sale?! Gotta friend that is engaged too? Bring her along for the GWP experience!  Book one wedding at regular price and the friend can book at 50% off! You can split the savings and both save BIG!

What is a bogo?!

Book One Get One wedding (at equal or lesser value) at half off! Grab a fellow engaged friend and share the discount!  For example; collection 3 is $4650 and includes up to 8 hours of coverage, 2 photographers, digital files from wedding, a portrait session with $200 print credit and an 10×10 tier 1 wedding album.  If your friend books the same package, a 50% discount is given and you can split the savings! That would bring each total to $3487.50 before tax!

IDK, maybe I should wait a while. . .

I wouldn’t do that if I were you! We have NEVER run a public promo like this before! Deals like this really won’t last long.

But, I don’t have any engaged friends. Can I still get a discount?

Not a problem! You can still get a 15% discount . . . However just keep in mind that we call EVERYONE WE MEET a friend! So you do not have to finish each other’s sentences to qualify 🙂

OKAY! I am ready to book . . . now what?!

Just drop us a line when you are ready to move forward and we will take it from there! Still have questions? Ask away!

We are so very excited to start off 2016 with a bang! If you want to meet me (Jamie), I will be at the Oklahoma Wedding Show, this Saturday 1/16 from 10-4. Stop by and say “HI!” We can go over your wedding in detail and even book on the spot.  Any wedding that books this weekend will receive a wedding album upgrade of choice AND a custom coffee table book of your engagement session*.

*if applicable


Robert and Katarina Walshe are married! | Boerne, Texas | Girls with Pearls Photography

Several months ago I received a phone call from an old friend . . . a VERY old friend . . . My high school sweetheart to be exact! He and his sweet fiance’, Katarina, had finally set a date.

Robert and Katarina met at a wake park in Thailand of all places. You see, Katka is a wakeboard World Champion . . . but thats just her hobby, she is also a very accomplished artist. In fact she is currently in Bratislava for a solo exhibition. . . Just google Katarina Janeckova for a peek at her vivid folktale art featuring nude women, bears, cactus and whatever other influences she picks up along her travels. Ooooor you can just go to her website

When Robert called and said they had chosen a date I thought “okay, next year sometime” but NOPE! It was more like 2 weeks away!! So arrangements were made and to Boerne, Texas we went! For those that are not familiar with Boerne it is pronounced Bur-nee.

Roberts family owns a generous piece of land in Boerne that happens to have a quaint little chapel right in the middle of it.


Being that they wanted a small intimate wedding with just immediate family and a few friends, this tiny chapel was perfect. As the day went on the weather started to turn. I mean crazy scary clouds started rolling in and loud thunder that you could feel was in the distance. The sky was a bit eery.


Meanwhile, the last minute errands were ran and the last touches of decor were placed so Katarina was tucked away in the tiny cottage you see above to the right of the chapel.


Like most weddings, getting ready was a family affair. Katka’s mother Alena (and her brother, Adam) flew in from Slovakia for the event. Robert’s sisters, Karen and Tricia, fixed Katarina’s hair and his mother, Teresa, doted the whole time 🙂 They are all so close and so loving . . . I think I was hugged, squeezed, kissed and patted on the back more times than I could count that day.


Isn’t she gorgeous?!



** If you were wondering what you have to do to get hot legs like that, you just have to be a WORLD CHAMPION wakeboarder. That’s all.


While Katarina finished up and enjoyed some quiet time before the ceremony I slipped out to get a few shots of the groom.  However, I ran into Raley (their sweet sweet blue heeler pup) and got a little distracted. Isn’t she cute?!

Raley girl.

Raley girl.

Now for our groom, Robert!


In case you are wondering he looks absolutely the same . . . just has a few grays now 😉

Even though Katarina’s father, Brian, passed away a few years ago he was still very much included in the day.  At the front of the chapel they placed a framed portrait of him on an easel with a spotlight on it. I happened to be in there when Alena walked in and when she saw him she gasped. This was one of those moments I will always remember because of the stillness I felt. We were sitting in this very old, extremely quiet church and it was as if the air was sucked right out at that moment. All I could hear was the sound of Alena’s shoes as she walked to the front to sit for a moment. It was as if the three other people in there with me held their breath so she wasn’t disturbed even in the slightest.  As I was blinded by my own tears, I made my way outside to collect myself. A few minutes later Alena came out too and found Robert.

2015-02-19_0001 2015-02-19_0002

Now it is show time! Adam. Katka’s brother walked her down the aisle . . . Raley tagged along too. To make her feel more festive someone tied a big yellow ribbon around her neck and attached a few wedding bells 🙂


2015-02-17_0001 2015-02-16_0020

She was put in “time out”


Robert’s sister, Tricia, has always been the family’s “songbird” so naturally she sang at her little brother’s wedding 🙂


Some of my favorite wedding moments are immediately following the ceremony. Sometimes the bride and groom are immediately whisked away to the next item on the schedule but sometimes they have simple heartfelt weddings with less than 20 people and more than enough love and they are able to spend a few minutes alone taking it all in.


After a few minutes of congratulations we started family pictures.


^^ Of course I jumped in on one!




Katarina made the sign behind them . . . She added a personal touch (or bite!) to just about everything at the wedding.  Karen brought all the flowers in from Dallas and Tricia arrived with an entire suburban FULL of pretties! I mean full! I am not even sure how they got everyone there!


Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Walshe!!

2015-02-17_0007Robert owns beach front property in the Corn Islands of Nicaragua and the two of them travel there often.  In fact they had just returned from there! Katarina brought back several elements of the island to tie into the wedding.  She brought shells of all sizes, small stones, drift wood. . . It was all so very beautifully put together.  Almost all of the decor pieces she used came from either their home or a family members’.


Katka paused for a moment with her dad before joining everyone else at the table.


What’s that? You are wondering how you feed people out in the middle of nowhere without making a big fuss . . . Well you hire a cowboy to cook fajitas out of his chuckwagon, thats how! Oh man was it delicious!


But before we can eat Adam, Katarina’s brother, wanted to toast the meal. Alena, her mom, MADE a special batch of almond liqueur and brought it all the way from Slovakia for Roberts mom . . . but being the sweetheart she is, she insisted on sharing.  As Adam is pouring teeny tiny shots for everyone, I was finally able to get his attention. I say teeny tiny because that is all you need. . . it is delicious but it is also potent!



Isn’t he handsome?! If any of you single ladies in Slovakia are reading this, Yes he is available! and he has plenty of personality and charm to go with that smile 🙂


Now we can eat! But first Robert must stare at his bride  . . .


I think he loves her, no?


Instead of a traditional wedding cake they decided to have several key lime pies brought in from Costa Sur, a Peruvian restaurant on Padre Island as they lived near by. Katarina was VERY excited about her pies 🙂


Everybody was having such a fun time!


It was finally time for toasts and apparently it was also time for everyone to start crying again.   Eddie, Roberts dear friend and best cousin, went first and since he instantly welled up with emotions it was only polite for everyone else to follow.



Then Alena and Adam gave toasts. Alena gave her toast in Slovakian and Adam translated. . . even though I could barely hear him over my own uncontrollable sobbing I could feel exactly what she was saying . . . and what Adam was trying to say as he was ugly crying too!


Cue third ugly cry for the day as Robert stands to speak . . . followed by his Mother and Father.


“Now lets dry our eyes and dance!”

2015-02-18_0008^^ Watch those hands! There are children present!

By the way, the skies cleared and the storms moved off West. . . It was just a perfect night.

2015-02-18_0011 2015-02-16_0016

The night had come to an end and as they made their way to their grand exit the two paused with Brian, one more time.


And they are off!!


^^ Eddie must’ve been paying you back for something!

The whole day was such a whirlwind of emotions. We all had such a great time and I was so very honored to be a part of it. We wish you all the happiness one lifetime can hold.

xoxo – Jamie

p.s. I have to leave you with this little cutie . . . who doesn’t love sweet little ones at a wedding?!


Baby Harlen and Richie| Home for the Holidays| Girls with Pearls Photography

Over the holidays my little family of three traveled to Texas to spend Christmas with my family. Of course we were all excited to see everyone but I was *mostly excited to see my new little nephew again!

I luff him!!

I luff him!!

My mother loves us all so very much but in our absence she also loves her dogs (a little bit more) so they also get many Christmas presents. . . One of which was a new TEMPERPEDIC dog bed for Toby’s aching joints.  I asked very nicely if I could borrow it and I’m pretty sure he didn’t care much.  Not wanting to make a huge production, I just set it by a window and threw an old curtain I found over it so it was less dog bed-ie.

Harley didn’t seem to mind, though he was slightly frightened at first 🙂

"Whaaaat is going on here?"

“Whaaaat is going on here?”

Richie wasn’t sure what to do at first either. I told him to just lay next to him and tell him a story or something but then Harley decided to relieve a little pressure. . . we all giggled.

"yeah, that was someone over there"

“yeah, that was someone over there”

Richie wanted to hold Harlen so I layed him on his chest. Harley was snuggling into position and Richie was trying to figure to what to do next . . . Then Harley tried to nurse on his shirt pocket!

"something doesn't taste right"

“something doesn’t taste right”

Then. THEN. Then they both relaxed and be still my heart!

"this feels nice :)"

“this feels nice :)”

I just love them both so much.



My little impromptu dog-bed session that lasted all of twenty minutes (not counting diaper changing time) will forever be so special to me . . . I guess my mother and sister can share in this too. I guess 😉


xoxo – Jamie


My little sister had a baby: GWP birth photography

Everybody knows that babies only work on their own schedules. Well my sweet little nephew, Harlen Michael Broussard, was no exception . . . he made his way into this world a little early but not before I was able to make the nine hour (8 @ 80) drive from Tulsa to Houston. Alicia (Ah-lee-see-ah or ah-lee-sha, my sister) called me around 3:30 PM on 11.07.2014 and after picking up Richie, fixing dinner/packing road trip food and grabbing my baby sister, Kristin, I got on the road around 7:30 PM. Silly me thought that it was a good idea to wake up early that morning and have coffee with my husband so I had already been up since before 6 AM. . . I am NOT a morning person.

When we arrived, Alicia’s contractions were still several minutes apart and getting stronger. She had been at it since she called me the afternoon before. . . She was also going au’natural! We had made a pact months prior to this time to not let her breakdown and get the drugs unless things took a turn for the worse. I thought that was a simple job but as the morning progressed it was getting harder and harder to watch her in pain.

The delivery room quickly turned into a family affair. We took turns fanning her, holding hands and adding support to her feet as the contractions grew stronger. Alicia’s husband, Chris never left her side.

a family affair

a family affair

Dad helped out too :)

Dad helped out too 🙂

"yes, i'm having a GREAT time" - Alicia

“yes, i’m having a GREAT time” – Alicia

I know your having a baby but first “Lemme take a selfie”

I know your having a baby but first "Lemme take a selfie"

She was very impressed.


Our Mom also never left her side.

2014-12-12_0001 2014-12-12_0003

Things were starting to get more intense so the Doctor came into check the progression . . . Dad had to wait behind the curtain 🙂


This is Julie, Chris’ mom . . . She gave his hand a break from the death grip for a couple minutes . . . but only a couple!


2014-12-12_0006The contractions were right on top of each other and really starting to take a toll on Alicia. Chris reassured her that she’s got this . . . she snapped back with a quick response but I will leave what was said up to your imagination 🙂


This was the point of no return. . . She was starting to beg for drugs and I had to uphold my end of the bargain and tell her no. It was HARD.  I didn’t want to see her in pain but I also didn’t want her to be disappointed in herself.  Her birth plan was already shot due to high blood pressure and an uncooperative pelvic bone. Chris was her rock and we were her warriors.

So sweet.

So sweet.

Even looking at the pictures now I can still hear us chanting in unison . . . “Push Push Pushhhhhhhh. You got this. You are so strong, I am so proud of you.”


2014-12-12_0015 2014-12-12_0016

She was so tired. She had been hard pushing for hours and little Harlen had barely moved an inch. The room started to fall quiet because we were out of words. We were all scared.  I know I was fighting back tears.  Kristin (our baby sister) had to leave the room. Then the doctor told her to give it all she’s got just one more time . . . We all held our breath.

"you've got this"

“you’ve got this”

I forgot to mention early on that we had no idea if Harlen was a boy or a girl! Alicia and Chris wanted to be surprised . . .No one had a clue! I love Chris’ first reactions . . . “it’s a boy! It’s a boy!” . . . Now pay close attention to my mothers first reaction on the right hand side of the larger image below. I still can’t look at it with out laughing 🙂

It's a boy!!

It’s a boy!!

We were all a hot mess by this point.  It was after 9 AM and crying seemed to be all I could do . . . Well that and attempt to focus my camera on Chris while he cut the cord. Which I failed at :-/ 2014-12-12_0024

"We did it"

“We did it”


What a great team they made 🙂

2014-12-12_0020 2014-12-12_0022

I LOVE this next shot(s). So much emotion. It makes me tear up. . . my little sister is a mom.

2014-12-12_0021 2014-12-12_0034

Yep! He is perfect 🙂


tiny feets

tiny feets

Proud Daddy

Proud Daddy

Proud Grandpa

Proud Grandpa

Proud Papa

Proud Papa

Proud Yaya

Proud Yaya

I love his perfectly round face here.

hello world.

hello world.

After getting a few hours sleep and taking a very hot shower we came back to the hospital to see our new little cherub again . . . and bring momma some chocolate 🙂

2014-12-12_0037 2014-12-12_0038

My Dad sometimes has little hairs that poke out above his ears after a long day, then we noticed little Harlen had the same problem . . . runs in the family I guess 🙂


The next few frames were snapped with in seconds of each other . . . Everyone knows babies are a little indecisive.


“stop! I don’t like that. Oh wait, maybe I . . . zzzzzz”

Check out these tiny feet!



There she is! What a warrior she is.  She grew a human inside her body and brought him into this world after almost 20 hours of hard, drug free labor. So proud of her.


I leave you with this last image because it just makes me laugh.  Newborns aren’t always the sweet quiet beings we imagine them to be . . . besides the on and off crying they make the funniest noises and if you have ever spent time with a newborn you can hear the grunt sounds Harlen is making in the image below 🙂


I am so glad I was able to make it in time to Houston and experience the birth of my sweet little nephew.  It was so hard to leave him the next day! Alicia sends me #bbgram s from time to time to keep me quiet.  But honestly I absolutely cannot wait until Christmas!! This year we get to celebrate in Texas with my family and I have so many kisses and hugs to shower him with.  I can’t wait for the family time, the good food and keeping traditions alive.


xoxo – Jamie




Love Bomb: the movie #lovebomb

We are allowed the opportunity to be a part of big events in peoples lives many times a year as wedding photographers but it isn’t often that we are invited to be apart of a movement that changes peoples lives for the better. Recently, I (Jamie) shot the premier for Love Bomb the Movie in Tulsa, Ok. It was a full on red carpet event!

Love Bomb backdrop

Love Bomb backdrop

The event coordinator, Jenny Lind, meticulously planned for months with Dr. Luker and friends of Luker Chiropractic and things went off without a hitch! Here she is with her sweet husband and family 🙂

Jenny Lind and Fam

Jenny Lind and Fam

Tulsa had a great turn out! Here are a few of the #lovebombers



I asked Jenny’s husband to take a quick shot of us together 🙂


This next crazy bunch are my own personal local celebrities! This is the crew from Gallagher Wellness Center.  I LOVE them!



Dr. Rhea Zimmerman with her boyfriend Austin and friend Alejandra traveled to The Sacred Valley, Peru on a mission to serve as many people as possible offering healing, hope, and connection through collaboration with a medical clinic . . . They dropped love bombs expecting absolutely nothing in return. I snapped a few stills during the movie:


Before the start of every day the #lovebomb team meditated and mentally prepared for the challenges ahead.


The theater was eerily silent during the screening. We were completely captivated.


After the screening, The bunch at Luker Chiropractic presented Jenny with a love bomb of her very own and a plaque thanking her for her hard work.  Representatives from Folds of Honor and Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center said a few words also.

2014-08-16_0011 2014-08-16_0010 2014-08-16_0009


At the end of the night Jenny invited everyone to participate in a #lovebomb portrait . . . it came out perfectly.



I will leave you with this beautiful quote from Dr. Rhea herself . . . “I find it a continual journey to keep choosing love”

Now go out there and love with out expectation!

But first . . . one last picture of this cute little guy 🙂



xoxo – Jamie


Love. Love. Love.

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