Love Bomb: the movie #lovebomb

We are allowed the opportunity to be a part of big events in peoples lives many times a year as wedding photographers but it isn’t often that we are invited to be apart of a movement that changes peoples lives for the better. Recently, I (Jamie) shot the premier for Love Bomb the Movie in Tulsa, Ok. It was a full on red carpet event!

Love Bomb backdrop

Love Bomb backdrop

The event coordinator, Jenny Lind, meticulously planned for months with Dr. Luker and friends of Luker Chiropractic and things went off without a hitch! Here she is with her sweet husband and family 🙂

Jenny Lind and Fam

Jenny Lind and Fam

Tulsa had a great turn out! Here are a few of the #lovebombers



I asked Jenny’s husband to take a quick shot of us together 🙂


This next crazy bunch are my own personal local celebrities! This is the crew from Gallagher Wellness Center.  I LOVE them!



Dr. Rhea Zimmerman with her boyfriend Austin and friend Alejandra traveled to The Sacred Valley, Peru on a mission to serve as many people as possible offering healing, hope, and connection through collaboration with a medical clinic . . . They dropped love bombs expecting absolutely nothing in return. I snapped a few stills during the movie:


Before the start of every day the #lovebomb team meditated and mentally prepared for the challenges ahead.


The theater was eerily silent during the screening. We were completely captivated.


After the screening, The bunch at Luker Chiropractic presented Jenny with a love bomb of her very own and a plaque thanking her for her hard work.  Representatives from Folds of Honor and Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center said a few words also.

2014-08-16_0011 2014-08-16_0010 2014-08-16_0009


At the end of the night Jenny invited everyone to participate in a #lovebomb portrait . . . it came out perfectly.



I will leave you with this beautiful quote from Dr. Rhea herself . . . “I find it a continual journey to keep choosing love”

Now go out there and love with out expectation!

But first . . . one last picture of this cute little guy 🙂



xoxo – Jamie


Love. Love. Love.

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Mallory & Ryan’s Texas Hill Country Wedding |Escondido|Horseshoe Bay, TX

If you remember we shot Mallory’s sister Stephanie’s wedding some years back.  Here she is with her precious little family!

2014-07-29_0010Mallory and Ryan married at the beautiful Escondido in Horseshoe Bay, TX.  The wedding was very rustic-glam and the details were amazing.  Flowers were done by Blue Lotus out of Dallas, the cake was done by Sweet Treets Bakery & Cafe out of Austin, and wedding planning by RSVP-Ridiculously Swanky, Really Pretty Events (Britney did a fabulous job!). BOBALU Cigar Company out of Austin was there making cigars at the reception for guests and William Larotta from Bella Videography filmed the day.

The food was a southerner’s dream! I started my diet the day before and they had maple candy covered bacon. MAPLE CANDY COVERED BACON Y’ALL!!! What was I supposed to do?! I only had two pieces….

I usually don’t like to include this many images in a blog post…but what was I to do with a wedding this beautiful….

waters1waters2waters3waters4waters5waters6.5waters6waters8waters9waters7waters10waters12waters11waters13waters14waters15waters16waters17.5waters18waters17waters19waters20waters21waters22waters23waters24waters25waters26waters27waters28_0005waters29waters30Mallory & Ryan,

Thank you for letting us be a part of such an awesome day.  We wish you love, love, love to last a lifetime!

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Kaila & Andrew|Houston Museum of Natural Science|Houston, Texas

Have you danced in a room filled with dinosaur skeletons?!

Kaila and Andrew were married on June 14th at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  What a fun venue!  The guests really had a good time with it. As you can see…..


The girls and guys all got ready at Hotel ZaZa and then everyone headed over to HMNS for the wedding and reception.

The day was beautiful and filled with so much emotion (thank goodness they did a “first look” because they both bawled their eyes out”.

A Fare Extraordinaire coordinated the event and also provided the cake and flowers. Makeup was provided by the lovely Makeup By Wendy.



2014-07-08_00262014-07-08_00152014-07-08_00282014-07-08_0013Congratulations Kaila & Andrew!

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Felipe & Aimee|Briscoe Manor|Richmond, Texas

We met Felipe when we were very new in our business.  He was assisting one of our favorite videographers, William with Bella Videography.    We were so excited when he called us up and said he was getting married!

Felipe and Aimee are such a fun couple.  They love each other in a way that’s light and effortless and it seems like they’ve been together forever.  They are always laughing together.

They married on May 2nd at Briscoe Manor in Richmond, Texas.  Blooming Gallery did an amazing job on the flowers and as always Cakes by Gina provided an amazing cake.
2014-07-05_00032014-07-05_00042014-07-05_00052014-07-05_00062014-07-05_00172014-07-05_00072014-07-05_00082014-07-05_00092014-07-05_0010Wedding is about to start?! But first, lemme take a selfie….

2014-07-05_00122014-07-05_00112014-07-05_00132014-07-05_00142014-07-05_00152014-07-05_00162014-07-05_00182014-07-05_00202014-07-05_0019Congrats Felipe & Aimee!  We wish you all the love one lifetime can hold.

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Toddlers, who needs em?

Before you flip out over the title, you should know that I have three kids all of whom I adore and I would do absolutely anything for….so simmer down.  But seriously you guys. Toddlers are jerks.  I forgot that little fact being that it has been seven years since I had one in the house.

Here’s a little run down of today’s incidents so far:

*8:34-toddlerzilla awakes (which is extremely disappointing since she was up after midnight the night before).

*9:00-she is finally ready to interact with me.  Up until now she has been on the couch watching cartoons and responding “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” to my attempts at changing her diaper, giving her kisses and trying to get her to eat breakfast.  I know she’s ready to interact because she just threw a clean diaper at me and said, “Mamma” with a giggle.  At least she’s happy

*9:15 I serve her a breakfast of scrambled eggs and a banana, both of which she loved as of yesterday. She refuses to eat either and instead finds an animal cookie from yesterday that was lodged in her high chair.  Whatever.

*10:00 she is happily playing with her toys and loving life.  This is my cue that I can now go in to my office and work.  I leave the door open in case she wants to come in an play.  She has toys in every freaking room of the house after all.

*10:30 just as I am getting up some momentum and crossing things off of my long list for today ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!

She has been throwing tantrums on an off since then.  Why the tantrums you ask?  I have no effing clue because toddlers are like little bi-polar psychopaths.  I dare you to argue. If you tell me your toddler is just the sweetest laid back adorable little thing ever….well, you are a lying liar that lies.

I try to guess what she wants.  Here’s how the conversation in my head goes:

She’s mad because I’m not giving her enough attention. I’ll stop for a minute and play.  Ouch! No need to throw your wooden car at my head, I don’t really want to play anyway.

Are you hungry? An animal cookie is not really breakfast.  Oh, yeah now you like the banana.  Let’s try some eggs.  Nope. Still a no on the eggs.  Let me just clean those up off of the floor.

Ew, what’s that smell? I grab a diaper and wipes and begin to change her diaper.  Changing a toddlers poopy diaper is super fun.  They try to fling themselves all around the room while you try to hold them down and not get any poop on yourself.  Guess who won.

It goes on and on like this. Do you want to know why she is crying in this picture?

RIW_1410Because she wanted to eat a raw potato.  She grabbed the bag from the pantry and said, “Mommy, Mommy, MOMMEEEEE!”. Then she lost her ever loving mind when I told her she wouldn’t like a raw potato.  You know what she’s doing right now?  Sitting on my office floor trying to eat a raw potato.  I don’t even care.

I know this is a photography blog, but starting another blog to publish one post about my toddler is stupid.  Just like living with a toddler is stupid.

Excuse me while I go clean up raw potato chunks laced with toddler saliva from my floor.



Downtown Tulsa Family Session: The Porter Family

Kraig and Christine Porter have two of the cutest kids you’ll ever meet . . . and their personalities are even cuter! Last weekend I met them, Reece and Jack in downtown Tulsa for a family session.

Reece was a little reluctant at first.

Reece and her hair

Reece and her hair

BUT, Mom was able to warm her up a bit. . .

Mommy and Reecie

Mommy and Reecie

While Dad and Jack just chilled for a bit . . .


Jack and Dad

The weather was perfect and allowed for a lot of sweet smiles . . . and a few funny faces!


Happy Family :)

Happy Family 🙂


Reece was singing "Let is go" to me here. . . So sweet!

Reece was singing “Let is go” to me here. . . So sweet!

I just love this turquoise wall in downtown Tulsa!

Love this!

Love this!

Kraig and Christine were high school sweethearts. They are pretty cute together, huh?!

2014-05-31_00052014-05-31_0006The kids let us know that they were getting hungry so we opted for a change of scenery closer to where they were going for dinner.  The only problem was that we could smell the food . . . so the begging and pleading commenced. I was begging for smiles, they were begging for nachos and Mom was begging for everyone to be looking the same direction.

They promised to smile “really” good for the next few . . .

I can almost hear the "cheese" when I look at these! But it was being said in a very deep voice . . . you know the "I'm about done, get your camera outta my face" voice :)

I can almost hear the “cheese” when I look at these! But it was being said in a very deep voice . . . you know the “I’m about done, get your camera outta my face” voice 🙂 They crack me up!

Reece looked just perfect sitting on the stairs.

Pretty girl Reece

I really love that her skinned knee is showing in this shot.

I promised the kids that we were almost finished but first I needed a few shots of the two of them together. . . It started off okay!



Then I just couldn’t stop laughing. I asked Reece to give Jack a kiss and well like most brothers he said no. Then he said okay. Then he wiped it off on her!

No Kisses!

No Kisses!

I decided to try something different but Jack informed me that afterwards we had to do his idea. Deal.



THIS is my favorite little composite of the session.  Jack was being silly, Reece was annoyed and then they both made silly faces. Jack’s silly face came with sound effects and I told him that he sounded like a zombie . . . then they turned into zombies.



One more silly face with Mom 🙂

fishy face!

fishy face!

Now it is Jacks turn . . . He wanted to show me his muscles and that he can make his underarm make “fart” noises.

"eeeww Jack"

“eeeww Jack”

“Okay guys . . . Just one more shot then we can go eat!”2014-05-31_0018

“Reece, are you ready for nachos?”



I had such a great time with this beautiful family! Thank you Kraig and Christine for the fun evening 🙂

You can view the rest of the session HERE

xoxo – Jamie


Love. Love. Love.

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Texas Bluebonnet Session | Jax & Tegan

We met Billy and Vickie when they were looking for a photographer to do their engagement photos.  Fast forward some years later and they have two beautiful children. Couples don’t come sweeter than these two and we are so happy for their precious little family!

2014-04-14_00012014-04-14_0002Poor baby girl didn’t feel well but she pulled through like a champ.



Get ready to fight the ladies off in a couple of years Mamma.

2014-04-14_00052014-04-14_0006Here’s one with their pretty Mamma.

2014-04-14_0007And because it’s just real life….

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Vintage Thrifted Nursery Decor

So, as you may know we are renovating our home.  We bought it, stripped it down to the studs and room by room it is finally coming together.  I wish I had documented the process better (I’m a photographer and I should know better) but life gets busy and well….I didn’t .  However, I decided from now on as a room comes together and is “finished” (that term is relative as you will see) I will post photos for friends and family.

First room up: Claire’s nursery (she is 17 months old now and in the images she is 6 months…’s hard to keep up on things like blog posts when you have three kiddos, lol)

Her nursery turned out just like I wanted and I love it so much!  There are no baseboards yet, but as I said “finished” is a relative term). There is something you should know about me.  I’m really cheap.  I have great taste, but I refuse to spend lots of money decorating my home.  All of her furniture was bought secondhand online.  The decor was either crafted by yours truly or scored at one of my favorite thrift stores.

vintage/thrifted nursery

vintage/thrifted nursery

I scored this crib for $150!!! My mom made her quilt, the crib skirt was from my 8 year old daughter’s nursery bedding, the rug was a cheap Ikea find that I painted stripes on (that was a process…), I made the tissue poms and the canvas print was made by my Uncle and presented to me at the baby shower.

2014-04-08_0004The dresser I bought secondhand online and it came with a nightstand both for $100.  I didn’t even have to paint them!  The frames are thrift store finds that I painted and the letters are from Hobby Lobby with scrapbook paper modge-podged to them. The lamp I already had but it was bright green so I spray painted it silver metallic and used an old sheet to cover the lampshade. The basket and liner is from Pottery Barn and was a gift form my Mom.

2014-04-08_0002The armoir belonged to my husband and was fugly, that is until I painted and distressed it and changed the hardware.  The old blue chair was one of my favorite thrift store finds.  The wooden “Happily Ever After Starts Now” sign was used at our wedding. The birch tree wall decal was a clearance score from Target and I made the flowers out of tulle and glued them directly to the wall.

2014-04-08_0007I bought her these gold slippers from Old Navy shortly after I found out she was a girl.

2014-04-08_0005This adorable teddy bear was a gift from my Mom when I was in high school.  The framed print of her name was a gift from a dear friend.

2014-04-08_0006The rocking chair was a secondhand online find for $80.  Generally, that would have been a little too high for me but I had been searching for a used one for months so when I found this one I splurged.  It was still way cheaper than buying one new and all I had to do was freshen it up with some white spray paint….which I already had.  The lamp is a Goodwill find that I spray painted.  I scored the lampshade from on clearance from Target and I made the burlap flower.  The vintage bottles and baby gown were from my favorite antique shop.

She loves her nursery!



Spring Decor|Easter Mantle|Preserved Boxwood Wreath

It’s Spring!!!! Finally!!!!!

It was time to bust out the Easter decorations…..except I had none. A quick trip to Target, an arrival of a previous order from, a few things gathered from my trusty decoration stash and a various items I already had laying around the house and viola! here’s what I ended up with.


Spring Mantle, Easter Mantle

Spring Mantle, Easter Mantle

The preserved boxwood wreath is my favorite thing ever of all time.  I’ve wanted one for so long because they are super versatile for any season. The problem is I’m cheap and preserved boxwood wreaths….well they aren’t.  Sometimes you can luck out and find them at Home Goods but you literally have to be standing in the isle as the associate puts it out….I’m not joking.  So when I got my “deal of the day” in my inbox and it was a preserved boxwood wreath I bought that sucker before they were all gone (which they were just a few short hours later).

If you don’t know what is you are missing out.  It’s a really great website for chic vintage decor on the cheap.  They find really cool stuff and then offer it to their customers at a cheaper price than you can find it anywhere else. You get a new “deal of the day” in your inbox every morning and it’s always something fabulous.  I just bought something amazing today and when it comes in I’ll share it.  They are amazing and I can’t wait to put them up!

So go sign up and use this link to get $5 off


p.s. the porcelain bunny and the burlap bunny bunting are from Target.  The wooden eggs are from Hobby Lobby.

Austin & Stephan | Newborn Twins session The Woodlands TX

Austin & Stephan were the sweetest little things!  I got to photograph them a couple of weeks before Christmas (just getting around to blogging it….whoops!).  As most people who photograph babies know, the session could take two hours or it could take seven.  This one took seven.  I actually had to split it in to two sessions (the first was 7 hours the second was 3) because I ran out of light.  It’s always worth it in the end.  Here are just a few shots of these handsome little fellas.


twins newborn session Girls with Pearls photography


twins newborn session Girls with Pearls photography


Christmas twins newborn session Girls with Pearls photography


twins newborn session Girls with Pearls photography


twins newborn session Girls with Pearls photography

“Whoooo” thinks these are the sweetest little hats ever? Had to do it….


Owl hats, newborn session, Girls with Pearls photography